God has blessed his life and given
Brad a gift that he intends to use to
give glory and honor to Jesus
Christ, his Savior. Brad and his wife
are eager to share with the world
their ministry.
Groves Ministries was formed shortly after the two were married with its purpose to share with others the
testimonies of two people who took the wrong road and by God’s Grace were shown the light. Brad and
Bri would like to help others avoid the path that they took and bring hope and joy to those searching.

Psalms 150 says to praise the Lord with the trumpet and harp and with dance. Let everything that has
breath praise the Lord. Brad and Bri have combined their passions. While Brad ministers through song,
Bri ministers through her dance. This powerful combination has been used by God to bless and touch the
lives of many.

The couple have been blessed with a wonderful home church, Bethel Temple Fellowship in Denton,
Texas. Their pastors and church family have helped Brad and Bri to grow closer to and stronger in the
Lord and to be still and listen when God speaks to them. With much encouragement and guidance, their
pastors have been a large inspiration to Brad and Bri each time the doors have opened for them to

It is very clear the calling God has placed in their hearts. They both thank Christ Jesus, their Lord who
has given them strength, that He considered them faithful, appointing them to His service (1 Tim 1:12).
With this verse deep in their hearts, Brad and Bri will take their powerful testimonies of God’s work in their
lives and share wherever doors may open.
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